DTG stands for Direct to garment. So as the name suggests, DTG printers are used to print on garments directly. They are used extensively nowadays to make customized garments, especially t-shirts for consumers. This method of printing emerged in the 90s and commercially became available in 2005. During DTG printing, the ink goes directly into the garments’ fibers, so it is not possible to feel or smear the ink when it is touched.

DTG printing offers a wide range of colors to choose from. It can be used not only on white garments but also can be used on colored ones. With the development of technology, DTG printing has become easy. Digital software can be used to create designs for the garments. It can be used to create detailed designs as per the customer’s needs. Since it is water-based, DTG printing is eco-friendly. Low set-up costs also make DTG printing an attractive option. Using DTG printing, there can be both mass production and short production runs. It also saves time as the printing takes place fast.



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